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Discrete Trials

Record specific learner responses and instructor prompts to every “trial” using continuous data collection

Cold Probe

Probe specific learner responses and instructor prompts using discontinuous data collection

Naturalistic Teaching

Measure learner responses “naturalistically,” whenever they occur


Measure “sits” duration, types of voids, accidents, and initiations

Echoic Sounds | Prosody

Measure different aspects of prosody and audio record learner utterances

Experimental Functional Analysis

Design, customize, and conduct an experimental functional analysis


Measure the duration of specific behaviors


Measure the number of times a specific behavior occurs during a specified period of time

Task Analysis

Measure separate performance on each step of an ordered sequence

Whole Interval Recording

Interval recording in which behaviors are recorded that occur during an entire specified time period

Partial Interval Recording

Interval recording in which behaviors are scored when they occur during a portion of a specified time period

Momentary Time Sampling

Sample behavior occurrences only during specific instances

Fluency/Rate Measures

Measure and depict occurrences of behavior as a rate

Functional Behavior Assessment

Assessment of the relationship between a person’s target behaviors and his/her environment

Video Sampling

Collect video archives of learner and/or instructor performance for viewing in the portal

Quantity Measures

Assign specific quantities/numeric values to various behaviors/targets

Automatic Mastery, Baseline & Maintenance

Master out the target automatically (at a time based on the settings in your Setup section)

Within minutes , users can be in the field, taking - and analyzing - data

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  • Advanced ABA graphing
  • ABA graphing